Who's Behind the Nexus Team

Experience Predicates Success

The Nexus team comes with over 40 years of combined experience across multiple disciplinary domains.  While emerging healthcare markets are our primary focus, bridging the gap from traditional methodology with new technology, our skill set is beyond just healthcare. We’ve recognized the need for strategic partnership developments in order to deliver truly integrated solutions.  We’ve established several channels partnership with leading healthcare tech companies, and in some instances, exclusivity agreements to ensure our clients have access to only the best resources!  

Strategic Partnershis90%
Business Development95%
Healthcare Technologies85%
Practice Management 90%

Professional Backgrounds

Each member of the team, while embracing the same company vision, obtained each set of skills from different fields.  We’ve found the pairing of each professional background enables us to rapidly think outside the box of traditional healthcare solutions, and bring an evolving ecosystem of offerings to the clients we serve daily. 

  • Behavioral Health
  • Telemedicine
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • Pain Management
  • SAAS Development
  • Business Development
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Partnerships

About Services

Our services stand apart from any other healthcare coordination company. We’re not an EMR or billing service, so there’s no conflicting with any current solutions you use. 

Part of our work is delivering a contextual AI assessment tool to enhance the diagnostic process of treatment, as well as increase capturable revenue for specific under-utilized CPT codes.  This is a smart, data-driven engine, that learns from client responses and delivers suggested diagnosis as well as treatment plan options. 

Contextual AI Assessment Tools

A system that learns, interprets and suggests diagnoses and treatment directions. 

Revenue Opportunities

Secure either underutilized or missed revenue opportunities for your facility.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Datapoint tracking provides more accurate treatment paths to increase positive patient outcomes. 

Meet The Team

Michael Hummel

Chief Executive Officer

Layne Stoops

Director of Implementation

Eli Newton

Business Development Advisor