Inflexxion and Nexus Health Network enter into a Strategic Partnership

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (December 6, 2017) – Inflexxion, creator of online behavioral health assessment programs, including the Behavioral Health Index Multimedia Version (BHI-MV) and Nexus Health Network, an exclusive network that grants access to tools that increase revenue and improve clinical outcomes, announced today a strategic partnership. The goal is to offer the BHI-MV to Nexus Health Network member group providers, and for Inflexxion customers to have access to Nexus services, such as enhanced diagnostic tools, automated testing software, medication management, and telehealth programs.

Inflexxion’s behavioral health suite of assessment tools are evidenced-based and can promote more consumer self-disclosure during the evaluation process.  Behavioral health professionals rely on the BHI-MV to conduct more effective assessments, bridge data into treatment, and measure outcomes.

“This partnership will offer added resources to the Nexus network in providing the BHI-MV as a powerful resource to streamline the behavioral health assessment process, standardize data gathering, and improve patient outcomes,” said Dr. Al Villapiano, Vice President of Clinical Development at Inflexxion.  “It will also offer our customers access to some enhanced clinical services they may need.  We look forward to developing a strong relationship with Nexus Health Network.”

“Nexus Health Network could not be more excited to partner with Inflexxion to help clinics all throughout the nation deliver the highest quality of care to each individual. Here at Nexus, we are outcome focused.  We have developed an ecosystem designed to increase clinic revenue, treatment outcomes, and give you many new resources that can help with clinical development,” said Michael Hummel, President of Nexus Health Network.

About Inflexxion

Inflexxion helps healthcare organizations, provider communities, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory authorities to improve patient care and inform public policy.  Partners and customers rely on Inflexxion for scientifically-based online programs that reduce health-related risks, enhance clinical outcomes, and positively influence quality of care. Through their strategic approach and depth of expertise, Inflexxion analyzes and disseminates health-related data for epidemiological studies, quality improvement, and outcome measurement.  For more information visit

About Nexus Health Network

Nexus Health Network helps behavioral health clinics, intensive care clinics, primary care clinics, retirement communities, and nursing homes increase revenue, clinical outcomes, and supplies an array of tools that the practice can use to do so at little to no expense to the clinic. Through strategic partnerships, such as ours with Inflexxion, we can help in many different aspects of the clinical process which will help you stand out in the marketplace and give each individual the highest quality of care. Allow me to be the first to welcome you to our network – contact the CEO at or call (360)480-9489

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