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Customizable solutions for most health care facilities.
Our Story

A Little About Us

Nexus was founded by a team of technology and healthcare experts who are dedicated to finding a way to merge the two industries. We have partnered with the most elite healthcare leaders to provide facilities in our network a service that is unmatched.


Our Top Missions

We bring our clients a “suite of tools” that are able to be used in your facility to improve clinical outcomes, decrease no-show rates, and increase billable revenue. We feel that margins are getting lower and lower in healthcare and we give back the competitive edge.


We Provide Solutions

We will show you how to use our artificial intelligence assessment tool to take advantage of underutilized billing codes to increase billable revenue by an average of 400k per year per location. Once this is started, we will assess other aspects of your facilities workflow to create a system that will achieve your vision for the business.

Tele Health Solutions

Expand your current offering to rural populations with less access to care. Decrease no-show rates with flexible scheduling options. 

Medical Supplies

If you’re a facility using medical supplies, we may have distribution options that could save your thousands of dollars.

Contextual AI Tools

Contextual AI assessment tools enhance the diagnostic process through sophisticated learning through monitoring data points. 

Forensic Billing Audit

Through our network, we can offer a forensic audit using electronic data systems for all insurance companies. Finding your lost revenue. 

Genomics Testing

Partnerships with leading laboratories, allow us to offer genomics testing services, further enhancing the medical process for your clients. 

Cross Network Referrals

Cross-network referrals are an added benefit to being part of the Nexus family. We’re all here to help each other and our clients. 

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*These are based on average reimbursement rates

*We have compiled this information from clients and third-party sources for your convenience. This information is not intended as specific coding legal advice.