Michael Hummel

Chief Executive Officer


As a young, ambitious CEO of Nexus Health Network, a company that is fueled by the need to be the best and a relentless work ethic, I want to invite you to our network.

With our background in healthcare and ability to see trends while accurately predicting outcomes, we know that evolution is coming in the industry. We want you to be ready for it.

I have an extensive background in strategic partnerships, business development, SAAS software development & sales, international business and am absolutely dedicated to excellence in everything I do.

Being on the “younger” end of the industry, I have the ability to see what others are blind to with what technology and artificial intelligence will do to healthcare. My goal is that we help as many doctors get on the right side of the coming changes as possible.

My promise to you is that when you work with us, you will have the financial resources and the data to give the highest quality of care to each patient while increasing the profits of your clinic.


CEO, Co-Founder Nexus Health Network
Account Manager at PushPay
Owner - Michael Hummel Digital Marketing & Consulting
Student at Washington State University - International Business


Strategic Partnerships100%
International Business70%
SAAS Software Development75%

Contact Info

Phone : (306) 480-9489
Email : Michael@nexushealthnetwork.com